About Us

About Us
Bo-bell® is a Portuguese kid shoes brand that specializes in small sizes, between 18 and 36. It’s a happy, colorful, fashionable and play-proof brand that children can play with, take to school, run and jump… truly be a child!

Bo-bell® is a shoes brand that wants the best for kids, just as parents do. We design, develop, and produce in our own factory taking in concern the needs and requirements of a children’s shoe. We don’t just make shoes for kids. We make real shoes for real kids. Bo-Bell comes from a family business with more than 25 years of experience in the footwear business. Our mission is to accompany the growth of the child´s foot until its complete development, using only the best materials and ensuring all the necessary ergonomic features.

We want to be a reference when it comes to fashion, comfort and consistency, offering products of competitive quality, developed and manufactured with efficiency, care and sense of responsibility and always fulfilling the commitment to help each child to grow up in a better environment.
bo-bell® is represented in more than 500 retail shops across Western Europe, Dubai, Russia.


For long-lasting comfort, our shoes are flexible, moving smoothly with the foot from heel to toe.


The best materials, make the best shoes. For durability and comfort we use natural materials, as leather, contributing to happier and healthier feet.

Ergonomic Shape

Our shoes include many ergonomic features ensuring the best-possible protection and support for feet to grow in a healthy way.

Wake Up. Play. Repeat.